Good bye to a friend so dear

Thank you for the year of our friendship. But now a time has to close. I am very glad and very happy with what has happened. It made my doubts away and I have no more link with you. I tried to be good just to give you the things that you needed. But you were so cloudy and secretive. I don’t know if I have to leave you and move on or I have to wait for you. But now, All things are clear and my doubts are away. I hope that you would be very happy and hope that you will not get hurt for I don’t care. I thank you to my closest friends for helping me. You know how stupid I am but still I’m like this. Thank you very much. GOODBYE..I don’t want to cry…..but still tears drops from my eyes.

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Island Wierdness

One Day..I went on an island beach. We were staying at a cove. I saw a little girl drinking some milk in a container.She has a spare milk. I try to ask if i could have one. and she just gave me one. She said that it was just given to her.

During the afternoon we at our cabin. There’s something eerie on the air. I went to the vending machine and buy some stuff. I also helped the girl buy some on the vending machine to. During the night, Everyone heard a loud bang. Then suddenly the near mountain forest is burned. A very huge flame can be and the the strong wing bring the ashes near the cabin. Everyone was very scared. Then the manager of place confronted us to be calm and everyone as alright. Everyone was calm after a while, then suddenly another big fireball can bee seen from the heaven and directly smashed near the camp. Debris was flying everywhere… sand,branches, cabin roofs. People are screaming and running everywhere. A saw the little girl and i told here to hide under a big rock that where i was standing. Then a strong wind approaches dust was everywhere and visibility is almost impossible. I cannot see my friends. I don’t know where they are then suddenly thing hit my head and i passed out.

I woke up seeing gloom and death all over the place. I check the area and there was no sign of life anywhere. I walked around only seen death, destruction and emptiness. I went to the cove to see if there was anything i could see. As I walk I only saw people with disfigured bodies. It’s like they have a disease or something. I saw the little girl last night, I am happy because she did not get hurt. I approached her and told her if she’s alright. She replied that she is okay and told me that somehow the milk that she drank is the cure for the upcoming biological warfare that her dad has given to her before sending her to the island. I was shocked of what I have heard and as i look onto the main island I could see the remains of the destruction.

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Watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Last saturday I watched transformers movie. The theaters are so full of people. Think of it each theater can accommodate around 2000 people and there are about 4 cinemas showing transformers movie. The profit $$$$ is very big.

The movie is entertaining. I will give a my own review about this sooner. I really enjoyed the movie a lot. Unlike some movies that only the main protagonist characters are being developed. In this movie, many characters have developed and their subplots are perfect for creating humorous scenes that makes the movie very good.

Anyways there’s nothing more exciting than the movie than you are accompanied by two of your closest friends. Enjoying every moment of the movie.

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Check out this Review, it’s called 7k Corporation Super Power Thumper Review – SharedReviews


Check out this review at : 7k Corporation Super Power Thumper Review – SharedReviews

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My emotions are taking me over today.. why do i always do what my crush wants even though i know that it’s not the right thing to do..

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Wednesday Dillema

Today I helped my friend A format the cellphone at the mall when I realized that it’s the first showing day of TRANSFORMERS:Revenge of the fallen. How I wish i can watch that movie but i don’t have money. I only have four loaves of unknown bread that my mother has asked me to buy..

AT the ticket booth i saw my other friend who wants me to join .but i refused because..i am with my other friend and i have go give this bread to my mother when i come home.. am i a good son…NO!!!

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Wee.. I survivied my first week… tomorrow will be my friends wedding at fatima church..

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It must be wierd but..i’m it because i have a cold..or because of the music…anyways…need to drink coffee..coffeee..cofeeeeeee……oh no……

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catching a cold

i have a cold.can’t hear to study more about using wordpress as CMS

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Not feeling well today…

I’m not feeling well today.. …the room temperature in the office is moderate yet i’m sweating..i think i’ve got a flu but my immune system is fighting it that’s why my body is not weak.

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